Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hint: he doesn't drive a deductimobile

Some reflections on this penultimate law school semester: (see Parts I, II, III, IV.)

1. How I ever managed to study for more than two written finals I do not know.
2. Being on the cover of a magazine displayed prominently at your school will garner you little recognition; playing the spoons - much more so.
3. When you are studying/writing an essay at your local Starbucks, be considerate: a grande Americano buys you an hour and a half of precious seating time, a pain du chocolat gets you another half hour, but those free samples of Pumpkin Spice latte count for nada.
4. Though her name now escapes me, whoever it was I met at a party this last summer that recommended I take Appellate Advocacy, I owe you a drink.
5. It took me five semesters to bring my own notes into an exam with the intention of actually using them - and it paid off handsomely. (If item #5 goes missing off this list after I get my Conflicts mark, you'll know why.)
6. I was hoping I'd get to write something about hosting a radio show this semester, unfortunately, that'll have to wait until one more list.
7. It may sound like a downside to have a law school of nearly 600 students, but the upside is with each new class you're continually meeting new people who've occupied the same space with you over two years.
8. Having a job lined up for 13 months in the future is not a bad way of dealing with stress. Might've been nice to have this in undergrad.
9. I look forward to next term's Tax class, not because I'm in it - in fact, I've taken it - but because the fact patterns I wrote this summer as practice examples for the class will finally be put to use. Everyone, do Bruce Wayne's taxes.
10. With only one term to go, I still have yet to meet someone at school who wrote the LSAT twice like I did. You must be out there. Please.


Anonymous said...

my friend whose 1L at ubc wrote the lsat twice.. i'll tell her to go say hi to you.. i would myself.. but im on the other side of the country at dal law

oh btw.. you get a lot of readers from being on that mag cover

Lawyerlike said...

Phew, I thought it might just be my mom hitting refresh and upping the counter stats.

KingCarn said...

I was hitting refresh....

Anonymous said...

I wrote the LSAT twice and I am not ashamed! I also took Appellate Advocacy this term. Buy that girl a drink for me too (if you ever remember who she is).