Sunday, December 12, 2004

Linda Richman would be proud

Time to pack. First, must dust off all of the warm, winter clothing, gloves and toques that found no use here. I kid, I kid. No dust could possibly accumulate as they were carefully boxed up and stored long ago.

The final exam of the semester is tomorrow, the beast known as Criminal Law. I've reached that point, somewhere between, "I've studied to the best of my abilities" and "Please, make it stop. Please, I'm begging you." And, as I sit through this calm before the storm (the storm being the year-end boozin' after the exam) I thought I'd compile some thoughts on the last four months. Here they are.

Reflections on a first semester completed at law school:

1. It takes time and dedication, but if you work at it daily, and persevere, you can become a truly seasoned, respectable, foosball player.
2. Bringing your laptop into class is a good way of staying on top of a multitude of notes, and makes for easy reference to cases thereafter. But the moment you sign onto messenger all hope goes out the window.
3. Any lecture, no matter how boring the subject matter, can be made bearable if the professor has a British accent and a fervent dislike for notary publics.
4. A baby of tender age is unable to enter into a formal contract. Yes, even if you put a pen in its hand and make it look like it's going to sign.
5. There is no end to the string of hypothetical questions that can be asked during a lecture, only an end to my patience.
6. The subject of Law & Literature concerns neither law nor literature. Discuss.
7. When you get sushi for lunch, request two packets of soy sauce from the cashier, as one clearly isn't going to do the trick.
8. If you miss a lecture, you can rely on the goodwill of your classmates to furnish you with the missing notes. You will never look at these notes again.
9. Being a law student on campus gives you a certain amount of cachet. However, this does not work when you are still younger than many undergraduates.
10. You wanted ten? I've been studying non-stop for weeks and am completely drained. You should be happy I came up with nine.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching the end of your exams, however, unlike the slackers on the west coast, I am two out of five exams completed, all three hours, most only one question. Crim was today and I have loosened the chain of causation from my neck but the objective forseeability of a break down is still on the horizon. Good luck, Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the exam, Nawg--I'm off to the library to get tucked in to my last essay, due 9:30am thursday, conveniently just before my 2:34pm train home.

Oh, and I might invite Wilco to the library too.
("Theologians...They don't know nothing...about my soul...about my soul...)


Thomas said...

Love the Law and Literature comment; so tragically and horribly true...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've learned more than I have...What have I learned this semester you ask? That everyone in Russian Studies is pretty crazy...I think that's it.

Have a Great Xmas in Calgary!