Thursday, December 16, 2004

And a blimey new year!

I shouldn't be surprised, but Calgary is experiencing unseasonably warm weather. Nor should I complain, but this puts a damper on the whole "let's brag about Vancouver weather" shtick I had planned for my return. Alas.

The first few days back have been filled with Christmas errandry (I think I may have just invented this word but it sounds like it should be real) and far too much Grand Theft Auto on the Playstation. As much as I like studying the law, there's nothing like committing hordes of unlawful acts in a video game setting. And adding jetpacks to the mix is an unexpected plus.

Not much else to report at the moment, the call to relax is too strong. So I'll take this opportunity to say happy holidays to all my friends around the world. At last tally, some of you were in Japan teaching English, Ontario learning English, England relearning English ('appy 'olidays Sean). Some of you are in Vancouver slogging through law school with me, and those still in school in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia I feel for you too, and those that are in the working world, merry Christmas, save me a job for when I get there!

Miss you all, (this means I expect comments people! And yes, you can post without being a member.)


Anonymous said...

'appy 'olidays to you too!


Anonymous said...

Ryan the horrible harlot,
I liked your list from the last blog entry. but, you insisted on comments...well glad you're relaxing in Calgary AWAY from us in Vancouver. Considering how you sunk me when we last partnered in foosball, did you expect be to more positive?
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year,


Anonymous said...

Have fun while we get pelted with snow and ice pellets, and I get attacked my the three dogs that are residents in this kennel my brother calls a home.

Merry Christmas!