Monday, September 25, 2006

Least downloaded podcast

A while back I made reference to my involvement in various media forms apart from the internet. Last month's publication of The National put me into print and demonstrated that claims I resemble a young Michael Stipe are a bit exaggerated. But now, with a new radio announcement, listeners can discover that I also, in no way, possess a similarly honeyed voice.

To wit: the Law School has managed to get airtime on venerable university station CiTR 101.9FM, and along with my Law Revue partners-in-crime, I'll be hosting an episode or two of a new half-hour law-based program, "Radio Hearsay." Or more specifically, after subtracting commercials, music, disclaimers and the contributions of my co-hosts, it might about 10 minutes of me talking shop. But the funny kind.

The show is still in developmental stages, and I as well as the other students involved have yet to be put through the production lessons, but rest assured that when we go on air, you can hear it too: years of cost cutting at national universities has not yet prevented the school from discovering podcasting - we'll be global.

And yes, I've taken notes from at least one podcast, so Guinness World Records are set to fall.

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