Monday, September 04, 2006

The suspense won't kill you

Tomorrow's the last first day of school. Abbreviated though it may be with one class and a BBQ, I thought it was worth mentioning. That way, in years hence, if I break my promise to never, ever go back to school, I can at least look back and enjoy some mild irony.

I ended the summer in style up the West coast, where I finished two books in one weekend, meaning I should have time to finish Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy sometime next May. At least in the meantime the Coen Brothers should have their adaptation of his most recent book out, No Country For Old Men (!) It was one of my favorite reads of the year, and there's no part of the movie description, "ultraviolent neo-Western," that I don't like.

I'll keep this post short because, er, it's a school night. However I can say that in the coming days I'll have some exciting developments to write about, namely things having to do with radio, magazines and me.

See you law peeps at school tomorrow, enjoy some Elevator Music.

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