Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What's the Frequency of this bus route, Kenneth?

I've been through 4 of the 5 classes from this term so far and, since I'm not expecting any nasty surprises from Appellate Advocacy, I can say that this term has the best selection of classes I've taken since first year. It's like an artist's supreme return to form, instead of just going through the motions on previous efforts.

The bad news is that somewhere between the classes I managed to lose my bus pass. It's the kind of surprisingly generous benefit from the school that makes average civilians enroll in one university class and dropout just to avail themselves of cheap bus fare. But now it seems that someone may get the opportunity to ring that bell simply by finding my card.

I suppose I shouldn't make too much of it - it's a minor fee to replace it and the card has photo ID, and friends will know that the only person who could reasonably pass themselves off as me is currently in Georgia reuniting with his original band.

Still, in the unlikely event that you see Michael Stipe riding Vancouver transit, tell him I'd like my pass back please, and that I agree New Adventures is immensely underrated.


D. said...

Oh HELL yes Hi-Fi is underrated.
I made a very captive boyfriend listen to the whole thing on a recent road trip. Start to finish. With "Be Mine" and E-Bow" getting the repeat treatment.
I feel it was a service.
In related news, I'm glad you resemble cute, broody, mysterious 1982-era Stipe, and not his creepy, emaciated, worrisome 2006 incarnation.

Anonymous said...

According to local Idaho beerstore folklore, you look a lot like another famous celebrity. Remember who?


Lawyerlike said...

Ah yes, the "Sebastian from Cruel Intentions" mixup. I really should have run with that.