Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Font size 8 means you haven't studied enough

I'm eager to being third year, but I suppose I'm just as happy to finally be leaving that demographic to which "back-to-school" sales apply. After 20 years of having Augusts ruined by low-priced pads and pencils, this will finally be the end of it. I'd be afraid of "back-to-work" sales, were there ever to be enough time off during which you'd have to eventually 'go back.'

Of course, since I've been in law school I can't recall buying many supplies. Everything is done on this laptop, from the taking of class notes, to the downloading of better notes, to the "select-all" and "reduce to font-size 7" functions that make open book tests truly possible. It's handy, but also a little disappointing, considering that I'll never be a more prime candidate for yellow legal pads.

So in lieu of real supplies, this Tuesday turned out to be a great day for those things I'll really need in the coming months: new albums from The Roots, Dylan and M. Ward all hit the shelves, along with the final season of the only show to feature a lawblog in its scripts, Arrested Development.

Just one more week till one more year.


Anonymous said...

You need to enter into this kind of law ryan.


Anonymous said...


Thomas said...

I WAS looking forward to it, until it became clear I would be one of those people who has to answer, "No, not yet. No, I'm not worried." about fifty billion times.