Saturday, September 23, 2006

Zack Morris, a man for all seasons

I love the fall in Vancouver. Sure, summer's great, but summer is nice everywhere - no, you really separate the weak from the chaff with autumn. Still green, still warm, still raising the ire of Eastern Canada. The great autumn equalizer, however, is TV premiere season. No matter where you are, thanks to impractical Canadian Content television standards and U.S. programming, you can enjoy some good TV.

So far this season I'm accountable for The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and a random, weekly selection amongst the Law & Order offerings. My favorite premiere so far has been The Office, doing its best to carry the torch snuffed so early for Arrested Development.

And because Grey's was good, I'll forgive the glaring anachronism of playing a Gnarls Barkley song during a flashback scene from three years ago. Remarkably, this was on the same day I saw what can only be described as a "reverse-anachronism" in a 1993 episode of Saved By the Bell: The College Years:

Zack: Hey Kelly, do you have my Pearl Jam CD?

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