Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Summer sundries

"Returning" is a big theme this summer (see here and here) and since moving into a new apartment, finishing second year law and getting back internet after a week in the lurch, I feel recharged. I have "returned," if you will.

It's been my tradition to compile a snappy list of things I've learned after each term of law school. One week out of second year and I can barely tell IP from Magnum PI. (FYI, Selleck could patent, trademark and copyright that thing if he wanted). So listing ten things from the past few months seems a bit hard. In lieu of that, I'll offer these three:

1. The number of laughs a Law Revue receives is positively related to the number of hours you get a liquor licence for.

2. If you bring in a 1.5 litre bottle of Coke into a 3 hour exam and open it up when things have reached their quietest, make sure it hasn't previously been shaken - a lot. (This didn't happen to me, but provided a welcome diversion amidst an IP exam.)

3. If you count articling, we're technically only halfway to becoming lawyers, not two-thirds. Damn.

But now summer's afoot, so any law worries can wait for four months. In the meantime here are some things I've got going:

I just signed up for a running clinic. As my friend and writer of the Fluff to Buff blog noted, the first few pounds of weight loss come from your wallet. Without money on the line, there's little incentive to keep up an exercise regimen.

With only four teams left on the Amazing Race and Ray and Yolanda still in the game, I have a 1 in 4 chance of scoring 100 bucks. This still won't cover the surgery to erase from my memory last week's episode where racer Barry, aged 61, announced how the race was affecting his sex life. Ewww.

I'll also be checking out Portuguese sensation Seu Jorge at the upcoming Jazz Festival. (I'm assuming he's a sensation, but so far he's the only Portuguese singer I know, and he does David Bowie covers.) If he sounds familiar, then you're obviously a Wes Anderson fan, and you're obviously cool.

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Mike said...

Wow, my first legitimate shout out. If I were a girl I'd have sex with me right now.