Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Same story with Bernard Radiohead

Alan Cross is a guy known for hosting the always-interesting Ongoing History of New Music on Canadian radio stations. He also used to tape a segment you could hear on airplane radios in the late 90's if you didn't want to watch Frasier reruns or a movie you never wanted to see. I don't mean to write the ongoing history of radio hosts, I just wanted an interesting segue into this new album I like.

For me, Alan is the guy that introduced me to Gomez, one of my favourite bands that make albums to look forward to and enjoy. It was on a plane to Paris, France that he played "78 Stone Wobble" by the band and since then I've been hooked. The song was different, weird, but captivating in a way that maybe you had to be above the Atlantic to appreciate. (Incidentally, Cross also played the Dandy Warhols covering AC/DC's "Hell's Bells," saying, "Here's what Brian Johnson would sound like if he was really, really sleepy," a song that also made me a fan of the Dandy's for life.)

Anyway, Gomez put out a new album this week and it's fantastically good - How We Operate. It's full of their signature unclassifiable sound, if that means anything. And I suspect that if I heard new song "Charley Patton Songs" (scroll down here for link) at 30,000 feet, I'd be as much of a fan if I hadn't heard anything else.

Another interesting Gomez fact that's fun to relate. I always liked the history of the band's name: apparently they were nameless, and were playing a gig they wanted their friend Robert Gomez to see. Robert didn't have directions, so they put a sign outside the bar with the word "Gomez" written on it and an arrow pointing inside.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to check out gomez sheerly on the bald number of times you repeated the name in your post.


p.s I came in third for the reveal thing and came back with $500 and had a chance to talk extensively with the vfx lead on teh matrix 2/3 and another vfx dude from jurrasic park. I mentioned I had a friend whose high water mark in the industry was cg dinos.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the aforementioned Mr. Bernard...

Guess which Oxford quintet is gracing the fair city of Toronto -- twice -- in just over a month?

If I can't get tickets when they don't go on sale tomorrow, I'll be feeling -- dare I say it? -- High and Dry.

Congrats on finishing year two!

Anonymous said...

Shoot. The last post was from me, by the way.

This is Deb.