Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Movin' on up - literally

I've been in the process of moving - out of the basement on the hill and into a new apartment. With all the sortin', packin' and U-haulin' I never got a chance to describe my complete exhilaration at being done second year law.

In typical fashion, the final week of study was a harried affair, compiling case charts and essentially compressing over 300 pages of notes into 6 pages. (It can be done.) In the end, I think the exams went as well as could be hoped, but if you had any questions relating to Intellectual Property or Evidence law - too late. I think within a few hours after the exam all knowledge of patent procedure and principled approaches to hearsay withered like so many flowers in the winter - but not in Vancouver, this city is perma-green.

Anyway, things I can't wait to attend to: going to the beach, waking up in a new apartment, watching my Flames (and their fans) dominate the playoffs, tackle some summer reading, watching Jack Bauer try to prove his innocence by hijacking a plane, going to the Jazz festival, etc. etc.

And For those poor souls still writing exams, some Simpsons-related humour. I know - nothing takes the pain away.


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Calgary fans are like no other. Timeless video.