Wednesday, December 06, 2006

24 down, 6 to go

This time of year I always like to chart my progress through exams with an apt filmic comparison. Typically I have four or five to write, and about midway it's common to feel bleak about the prospects. But I find if you make tenuous connections between your life and Hollywood screenplays, you can at least hope that yours will turn out as happily as theirs.

Two years ago I used Lord of the Rings, in April '05 the Die Hard Trilogy, then plotted last December's finals using the many moods of Jack Bauer, and last April I resorted to the Man with No Name Trilogy.

I had a mind to use the best miniseries ever, Band of Brothers, as a guide this time around, because I recalled the funny scene where Ron Livingston (best actor ever?) is awoken with what his corporal thinks is lemonade, but turns out to be something else. I thought the moment might dovetail nicely with the unpleasant experience that was the Securities exam. However, I'm reminded that perhaps these exams really aren't as bad as war, so maybe a better comparison is in order.

So really I'm left with that old chestnut, Harry Potter. They're four films into the series, I'm four exams into it. If the underwhelming source material is any indication, the upcoming Order of the Phoenix stands to be the worst film of the series, and my Conflicts exam might just be the same.

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