Sunday, December 03, 2006

No cramming with cadavers

Exam season starts tomorrow, so it's time to wish good luck to all those law students suffering through the holiday season. Just remember, if we had chosen to become doctors, this whole process would be a lot messier.

I'm pretty lucky this year in that three of my classes are paper or factum-based, and (insert chagrin here) I've completed those. I just printed off my Land Use/Earthquake paper yesterday with the title "Drawing the Fault Line," continuing my grand tradition of 10 years of pun-based essay titles.

You may say it betrays the sincere tone of William Blake's famous poem on child-labour misery, "The Chimney Sweeper," to call an essay "A Bitter Sweep Story." I think denizens of the industrial revolution could have stood to lighten up.

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