Sunday, January 01, 2006

Potter marathon, I make no guarantees

Last year - actually, to the day - I wrote up my list of Aught-Five Ought-To's. Both a mix of foolhardy optimism and unbridled geekiness (see: LOTR marathon - which I did not do), the list quickly turned from ought-to's to didna's in the face of that high-maintenance mistress, law school.

So this year I just have one Ought-To, and it's to carry on with my workout regimen. Since I became automobilized this past summer, I find myself walking less. I used to have a good system whereby I could walk to the grocery store and buy only what I could carry back. But now, well, damn you Japanese car-makers and your spacious trunks!

Walking, jogging, exercise, anything of the sort - I plan to do more of. We dodged a bullet when the Segway failed, but once those jetpacks come along, we may not be so lucky.

What a fun, sexy time that'll be.

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Anonymous said...

Having recently completed my own potter marathon (in both book and film format!) I wholeheartedly support your choice.

May I suggest (as is my own intention) a Bill Murray Marathon?

Lost in Translation
The Royal Tennebaums
The Life Aquatic

Truly a god among men.