Thursday, December 29, 2005

Smith, Jones & Laika LLP

Some things to look forward to in la nouveau annee:

I'll be taking Intellectual Property law, which is sort of like the Arcade Fire of law school - hip, grants you a certain level of credibility, and an invaluable resource for learning about patent protection.

I've got a trip to the Big Apple later in the term, which, if it's anything like I've learned from watching the Apprentice, is a land ruled by Trump, where the cool, clean waters flow with Trump Ice, and the wind never blows above a toupee-tossing 5 km/hr. But seriously, I will force myself into a shot of Law & Order if the opportunity presents itself.

Of course, there's the annual Law Revue, which will be ramping up in the next few weeks. We've got a great band lined up, there's a DVD already in the works, and I still have to teach several of my actors how to speak Spanish... all for comedy, claro que si.

Then, later in May, I find myself hosting an issue of the online "Blawg Review." I recommend people see what it's all about on the site, and then you can see what an actual law blog is supposed to be, and how I've been fooling you all these months. All that blather about Ryan Adams? Yeah, we don't really cover him in law school.

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