Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Its you're prerogative

I don't know if it's simply the holidays or if there was a silent snicker amongst the eating, shooting and leaving crowd, but no one commented on the site's new banner, nor the fact that it was spelled incorrectly for nearly a week. For my part, I can only blame the dazzle of Photoshop, and the Baroque complexity of Edwardian Script font.

See the mistake here.

Speaking of feeling stupid, it's everyone's favourite year end list, the Least Essential Albums of 2005.


Editor said...

Love the new banner. Hard to imagine how you didn't win one of those shiny Blawg Review Awards. You were robbed. Email me: editor at blawgreview dot com

Lynne Truss said...

It's your prerogative, of course, to misspell your headline to get my goat.