Saturday, January 01, 2005

A: When Gollum jumps the shark

This is the last post from Cowtown on the first day of the new year. It was great to see the fam once again, sample some nog, and do my best to restrain what would inevitable be boring "law talk." I think I held up pretty well. Though I do find it funny when people ask me, "did you learn any good lawyer jokes?" Why would I tell lawyer jokes?

On to the new year. I rarely make any resolutions, they end up as only half-hearted attempts. But, there are many things I'd like to do in the next while, so here's a few "aught-five ought-to's:"

There is a Bright Eyes show in Seattle next month I ought to catch. I made the grave mistake of never getting to lovely Montreal while I was in "quaint" Kingston, so this would be making up for it somewhat.

I ought to answer a burning question: at what point during a twelve hour marathon viewing of the extended Lord of the Rings DVDs does one make the transition from film connoisseur to just plain dork?

My screenplay witnessed little progress over the break, so I ought to put pen to paper as it were and finish the damn - yet hilarious! - thing off. I'm still not sure how this whole "law" gig pays in the long run, but I'm certain there is a long-term financial security in Hollywood. What's that Mr. Affleck?

I ought to get my fledgling (viz. hitherto non-existent) magazine off the ground and start accepting literary submissions from aspiring writers. Still left to do: design a website, write up a mission statement, plan publication dates, etc. However, I have the gmail account so I'm halfway there!

Of course, if I were to be more serious, I ought to blog less, jog more, watch TV less, read more, spend less, save more, create dichotomous opposites less, use big words less, and lastly, be less serious.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing you over christmas Ryan, have a great semester!

Our journeys to become 'renaissance men' continues....


Mike said...

We all know that you bristle at lawyer jokes.