Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My age is "pulse-pounding television"

After the first three classes of the new term, I've only been given one Amazing Race-style detour option: a written paper or final exam for Charter law. The other two disappointingly only offer the solo Roadblock-esque challenge of a final.

Now, the prevailing wisdom on that Phil-ified show is that it's generally smarter for a team to take advantage of the physical challenge on a detour - which requires a stronger will but takes less time - over the mindless, but longer challenge. The same goes here. Say what you will about the intensity of writing a satisfactory essay, it's never worth the all-consuming stress of a looming final exam. I suppose my point is that I just really want to Philiminate someone.

Enough law school talk. I consider it one of life's minor injustices (still sorta legal, I suppose) that Peter Jackson's film The Frighteners wasn't welcomed as the modern classic that it is. I only bring this up because I recently got the new director's cut, which finally includes some great scenes (see below), an interview where Chi McBride discovers after a year that he hospitalized a fellow actor without realizing, and hilarious outtakes where Michael J. Fox consistently calls one actor "Doc" over and over.

Oh, and then there's the matter of the subject on which I posted last year regarding today's date.


Anonymous said...

So, how's 24? I hear it's a good year.

- Cathy

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd post this here. Sort of like sending yourself a registered letter of an invention.

Harry Potter Book 7 Predictions:

- House elves play a critical role in turning tide against death eaters

- Giant's attack on Hogwarts stopped or diverted thanks to ambassador 'Grawp'

- Regelius Black (Sirius's Brother) is RAB

- The horcrux locket is at Sirius' house, and mentioned in book 5. May have been sold by Mungdungus.

- Ginny Weasley is saved and 'protected' by Harry Potter (who dies doing it).

- This protection kills voldemort

Well, there they are - in the public domain. My half baked predictions.


p.s These are all from my own nerdy brain.

Anonymous said...

p.p.s Kudos on the banner change, I like this one a lot more.