Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Piggy, to name one

A lot of blogs, when they have a stint of not regularly updating, always apologize for the "lack of updates." I make no such concessions. The internet is a big place, and I'm sure you found something to fill the time. Like for instance, episode 6 of Ricky Gervais' podcast, the best one yet.

Anyway, things have been slow the first week into the new law semester: settling into classes, disliking some of those classes, dropping some of those classes...

But I'm sure things will pick up. In the next few weeks we have the return of Jack Bauer (sans Cougar), and Survivor: Exile Island, which has quite nicely progressed in its transition to simply becoming Lord of the Flies. It's interesting to note that on none of the seasons of Survivor has there been a largely overweight contestant. Are producers trying to deny the existence of an obese American public, or is it simply that corpulent islanders have never had good luck?

Then there are some movies I'd like to see that could always stimulate blogular discussion, like Match Point and the movie that scares the crap out of Larry David.

Anyway, more updates to follow. In the meantime, I expect comments along the lines of, "sorry for the lack of comments."


Thomas said...

Sorry for the lack of comments - I was too busy offering free illegal downloads.

D. said...

I'm only kind of sorry for the lack of comments.

Anyhow, your photo reminded me of a very funny incident in grade 11 English. When watching Lord of the Flies, my best friend, whose fear of older students (we were in grade ten at the time) had rendered him silent for the first three months of class, burst into convulsive laughter at the site of Piggy meeting his squishy fate.

And you know what? I don't think he was totally wrong to do so. That kid sucked.

Lawyerlike said...

He did teach us all a valuable lesson about survival of the fittest, and squishiness of the fattest.

Anonymous said...

The part in the movie when that enormous boulder hits Piggy on the head, but it just bounces off of his head, and then piggy takes a while to fall? I also laughed at that part, and that prompted my english teacher to say "I was disturbed to hear laughter during certain parts of the movie"

That part was hilarious