Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We Litigious Few, We Band of Lawyers

It's only fitting that I wrap up this list of Top 5 Things I Will Miss About Law School on my last day of class.

#1: The people

Learning about contract formation and minimum age requirements wouldn't have been quite the same if there hadn't been someone to ask whether putting a pen in a baby's hand and forcing him to sign qualifies. Property law only really came into focus when I realized I wasn't the only one confused. They told us when we started that we'd know the people from our law school year forever, and I believe it's true, notwithstanding the fact that they are best equipped to get me out of a legal jam real quick-like.

When I think of the people at my law school, I'm reminded of Band of Brothers - not in the sense that these people would take a bullet in the trenches for me (which, incidentally, would be a nice gesture), but that they would ruthlessly prosecute the shooter on my behalf and procure all reasonable damages, perhaps even a future garnishing order on the sniper's salary.

That's it, people are why I will miss law school. That goes for everyone: the notetakers, the CAN-makers, my peers and professors (particularly the ones with a cunning wit: "Where there's a will, there's a relative.") My small group Bane, moot partners, moot point-makers, the LSS, law revue sidekicks, the law review editrix, exam invigilators, visiting litigators, anyone who's made a ride home on the 99 B-line more bearable, anyone who ever gave me a ride to school and thus spared me that indignity, the lower years and upper years, the lawbloggers and blog readers.

Now, I make it a rule to never solicit comments on this site, a practice that I find sullies many otherwise respectable blogs out there, but don't you think this is such an instance where it might be nice to drop me a line, as it were?

So, any and all readers of this site, take the time and let me know what you think, for indeed, this post is for you. I know my mom didn't hit refresh 17,000 times, so that site counter tells me there should be quite a few of you. I even invite you in a race to see who can post "first!"


Lawyerlike said...


Mike said...

Do you think we'll be sad when our afternoons involve work rather than playing on the internet?

Anonymous said...

I miss people! Scotland is boring.

Hilary said...

Just checking in - the last day of law school is pretty sad! But hopefully we can hang on to the people-aspect by trading in the interaction area coffees for three-martini lunches downtown!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Reading this blog has been a great waste of my time. I don't know where else I will go for my HPo information. Oh, wait, there's always my 5 year old neighbour.


Chelsea said...

It's the end of an era! Thanks for the good reads :)


Benjamin Quinn said...

Just wanted to say that that I've enjoyed reading this blog for the past few months. Thinking/hoping for UBC after undergrad, so this has given me a humourous and enlightening look at the school. Very appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed all of your posts...including the ones I didn't quite get around to reading...hmm that didn't make much sense. It's late. But the ones I did read were great! Also, I hope you end this site with a bedtime story about Jack Bauer and how he saves a lawyer. That would make my day.

Please never stop writing.


Sm. said...

Your list has compelled me to comment!

I have always enjoyed the fact that when I read your blog, my mind hears Steve Coogan reading the words. Strange and awesome. I also have you to thank for a mini elementary school reunion!

Mr. Wong tells me the Lawyerlike era may be over with graduation. What's next? Lawyeram? Or Lawyerbe?

Cappy said...

I love your blog. I hope you continue to blog about your job search/experience.

Me said...

Good luck on finals, counselor. Drop us a blog-line now and then to break up the monotony of procrastinating - I mean studying.

Anonymous said...

can you believe we made it through? Can you believe Hari made it through!!??!

congrats Ryan and all other 07 grads (conditionally, of course - there's still time to fail)