Friday, April 13, 2007

Enemy of the Candy Industry Association of America

One possible sign that I've spent too much time studying with my computer: I tried to scroll down a piece of paper today. That's right, while reading the GATT provisions for International Trade Law, I dragged two fingers down the side of a piece of paper out of my coursebook, expecting the list of exceptions to trade barriers to, what, magically rearrange themselves, I guess. Wow.

This stupidity/absent-mindedness is right up there with the time (during the heydey of Napster) when I entered a convenience store and convinced myself to hold off on a purchase of Skittles, telling myself, "I'll just download them when I get home."


Anonymous said...

We should chat on msn more often and transfer some friendship units.


Cappy said...

Signs of being brainwashed by the evil computer?

I blame Bill Gates for everything. Yes..that includes the hole in my sock.

Me said...

The other day I picked up some scrap paper on my desk and thought to myself, "I have to delete this."

Marie said...

I double-clicked the television remote last week and had to pause for a moment when I realized that I couldn't skip to the next song while listening to the radio.

Lawyerlike said...

Any chance that remote was a Trinitron RM-Y116?

I hear they do weird things.