Sunday, April 15, 2007

F in Cardiology, A in Malpractice

Exams start tomorrow, so a good luck to all those in law school - again, I'm forced to wonder if there is a med school blog, and if anyone wishes good luck to the test patients instead.

For my own part, I have Civil Procedure, International Trade and Admin Law exams coming up (the latter mercilessly scheduled on the very last day of exams). It's certainly stressful, but in a way it's also not to be exaggerated, because the next time I consult my British Columbia Rules of Court on the deadlines for filing a Statement of Claim, it'll be the real deal.

Mind you, if I ever personally invoke Article XX(b) of GATT, check CNN, I may have just started an international incident.


Marie said...

Good luck on your exams, and congrats in advance on the successful completion of the whole endeavour.

Marsha said...

Best med school blog I've found:

Good luck on your exams,

ps- Dave says hi