Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fraudulent Goggles of Misrepresentation

Two more classes to go, and number two on the list of Five Things I'll Miss About Law School:

#2: Being able to say, "I'm a law student"

Tell someone you go to university, and you only have to answer more questions, like what your major is and what proof you have that a job market actually exists for it. Tell someone you go to law school, however, and you've rendered them momentarily speechless. It's like you've handed out beer goggles: you're that much more impressive, intelligent and, I daresay, attractive. It explains that playful retort, "so when I commit a crime I can come to you for advice?"

Law students are always perceived to be on the cusp of something great, and it makes people forget that by sheer statistical function at least some percentage of graduates must go on to practice divorce law or star in personal injury commercials.

When you actually become a lawyer, though, that magic wears off. It's not so funny anymore when your friend actually shows up for advice on that capital crime she's committed. Somehow you're expected to lose a part of your personality - something I've never agreed with, as the majority of lawyers I know are incredibly creative, funny people.

But oh, for those heady law school days when hope springs to a maximum of 14 years, but no less than 7, things are grand.

(I didn't have a handy image for this list item, so in keeping with #5 and #4, here is a 3rd picture of someone about to be eaten alive - by 2 mouths at once no less.)

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Anonymous said...

I think, truly, that some people lack the strength of character neceasary to head off the erosion of their goals, creativity and friends once they've become a lawyer. It's a profession that can demand a lot, and those who fail to meet that challenge with balance are 'consumed' dino style.

I don't have the least worry about yourself though. Haha, I only see your eccentricities becoming larger and better funded.