Monday, April 02, 2007

Litigating Out Loud

I've written about the inexplicable dearth of Canadian law school bloggers before. Maybe I'm the only one who finds the connections between Jack Bauer and developments in Constitutional Law more than tenuous, but I still find it strange that there aren't more Canuck lawyers-to-be on the scene.

And as close as the legal systems between Canada and the US seem, convos with American law school bloggers were previously limited to cursory, non-law questions like, "Do you get CBC down there?" and, "Do we want it?"

Turns out I have more in common with American law school bloggers than I thought. Chatting with Frisco Bay-area blogger (and Lawyerlike recommended), Above Supra, about purchases we'd finally like to make as paid lawyers, it turns out we're both united by faulty consumer products and litigious instincts:

LL: I'd like to get a new tv, if only to replace this aging, wonky remote that randomly turns any button into the mute button.

AS: Whoa - your remote does that too? Maybe it's a common Sony design flaw.

LL: Hold on, are we both talking about Sony Trinitron remote control model RM-Y116?

(here there was a rapid-fire exchange of omgs and lols.)

AS: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ...


(If there are other Sony buyers with similar "muted" experiences, contact one of us. This may be the new "big tobacco.")


Supra said...

What's CBC? ;)

Anonymous said...

How about the 22% of people that bought a Playstation 2 only to have it die a terrible death with only their useless 90 day warrenty to rock themselves to sleep with?


Lawyerlike said...

But imagine reaching for the remote to turn it up just as Jon Stewart is about to deliver a punchline, or CTU is about to reveal a mole and then BLAM! No sound.

Jon's hand twirling only tells so much.