Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chaaaarge.... them with battery

Two hockey games in one weekend. The Vancouver Canucks versus my hometown Calgary Flames, and the UBC Law Circus recreational team versus some motley team made up of I'm not sure who. I was proud to cheer on my law school team, and I also think I caught the first photographic evidence of both our team in action and lawyers not brutalizing their adversaries. (It was a no-check league after all).

One game was a nailbiter, the other was a romp. One game was tested my allegiances, the other was really, truly a huge romp, like 10-5. Neither game made socially acceptable my legal-themed shouts of "appeal that goal!" or "challenge that check!"

Guess which game this crowd was attending.

Here's the crowd for the UBC Law game, i.e. the team itself.

If there was one skills department where UBC Law outshone their opponents, it was faceoff formation. (All kidding aside, the game was a lot of fun to watch, and it's too bad our team didn't get farther in the playoffs. Let's go law-yers!)

Say what you will about the litigious nature of lawyers, at least they would have recognized the futility of such an argument long ago and recommended a settlement.


Anonymous said...

Good game. I guess either way your team won right??

Jeff MacKenzie said...

For the record, for the Law team, I led the league in roughing minutes for two whole seasons. Now *thats* something to be proud of.