Wednesday, April 04, 2007

God of Statutory Interpretation

Let's see if I can actually follow this plan through... Over the next month I'd like to compile the Top 5 Things I'll Miss about law school. Sure, most of us just can't wait to finish with exams, but I'd hate to spoil the opportunity for making lists.

#5: Becoming an Expert

By third year, you start to recognize your strengths in certain areas of the law, and when you're not so sure, you've built up a network of friends that can fill in those blanks. In turn, they can rely on you for your expertise.

For example, I was recently asked two questions by my peers:

Q1: Do you know of any case law or legislation saying that if a court has interpreted a certain provision one way, and then the statute has since been revised, they should interpret that new provision the same way?

Q2: OK, I've been at it for hours... how do you defeat this Hydra?

I can tell you now my knowledge in one area grossly exceeded the other.

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