Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Crime of Supreme Inconvenience

In what I suppose was the universe's way of testing my dedication to the law as I make my way through a final, more relaxed term of law school - my car was broken into this weekend. It's an awful feeling, I had to file a police report, and my phone was taken. However, it wasn't the hate crime against my Calgary Flames dice that I had long suspected might happen in a city of rabid Canucks fans.

I hate this. It also means that I have to download my "Final Countdown" ringtone yet again. I simply insist on having the same tune as the world's worst magician.


Tim Kevan said...

Really like the site. I am a barrister over in England and have added a link on The Barrister Blog at There is quite a legal blogging community over here as you will see from my blog roll. Reciprocal link always appreciated, though no worries if not.

Keep in touch. Best wishes, Tim Kevan

Lawyerlike said...

Duly noted. And duly added.