Friday, January 26, 2007

Arrivederci Dracula

My special lady/ladyfriend and I have settled on a summer trip destination. Previous itineraries of Eastern Europe and the pillaging of Dracula's castle will have to wait for another year. Instead, for (at least) two weeks, it'll be the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.

I like the idea of having several weeks to relax, visit beaches, and - talents willing - spirit home Dickie Greenleaf. Plus, it'll give me an opportunity to use my Italian. And the timing couldn't be better: now, in response to "What do you do back in Canada?" I'll no longer have to say,

"Sono studente della legge," (I'm a law student). Instead, I can say:

"Sono avvocato," (I'm a lawyer), a phrase I've always admired on account of how it sounds like copping to being an avocado.


Supra said...

Yeah but instead of being impressed ("Wow, a law student!") they'll narrow their eyes ("Lawyer, man, I better watch out for this one...")!

Is there a Canadian bar exam, or did I just miss that post?

Anonymous said...

colour me jealous...
(you'd better send pictures...)


Lawyerlike said...

Yeah there is a bar exam, which I won't have completed, but I guess I'll just save the Italians the trouble of saying, "Well, to be technically honest, I am not a lawyer but an articling student, and in September I will begin my articles as well as the lengthy PLTC program."

Doesn't have the ring of being an avocado.