Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Subpoena of the Baskervilles

I realize I've been remiss about a certain subject lately. Anyone who's been blindly feeling their way around Vancouver for the last few days knows that of which I speak: that's right, Fogwatch is back.

Since about Saturday evening, a steady stream of (pirate-free?) fog has blanketed various parts of the city. It's not the all-penetrating behemoth it was back in November '05, but it has continued long enough to catch my attention and bring to mind more than one awful movie.

In particular, coming upon the law school's Curtis Building at night in fog is quite a sight to behold. I can't help but think that this foreboding setting is what architects pictured when they designed it: fashioned after a magnificent tor in dense fog, harbouring some dastardly evil, perhaps recalling a scene from a Sherlock Holmes story.

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Clever WoT said...

I've added you to the Law Student Blogger Directory, thanks for the update! You're filed under "International" because, well, that's just how we Americans see the world. :)

Any link you could point to the Directory would be appreciated, but not at all required.