Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jeremy's Iron

With the submission of my factum and the argument of my appeal, one class is over for the term. More importantly, I'm four credits closer to putting three more letters after my name. I believe this and a certain Scrabble prowess is what truly makes someone a "man of letters."

Actually, this alphabetic aggrandizement may actually serve another interesting, if entirely irrelevant purpose. There's a certain game where you attempt to rearrange the letters of a name or thing to come up with something that describes the individual or item. As it stands, my own anagram leaves something to be desired:

U stain yarn.

Now, far be it from me to denigrate the expert men and women who do such a thing for a living, but I had always hoped for something a bit more laudatory, or at least more apt.

But if we add LL.B and BA.H to the mix, well maybe the results would be a bit better. Not that I have time to figure out such permutations, I still have four classes left this term. Anyone else have interesting anagrams?

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