Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Karma Barristers

I was going to write a post about how, while putting the finishing touches on my factum for my big moot appeals trial tomorrow (wish me luck!) I caught a particularly legal lyric through my headphones:

"deny all knowlege / paragraph 5 / subsection B / the committee is content / to live in a rat's nest"

This comes from "A Rat's Nest" a new b-side from one of the best albums of this year, Thom Yorke's The Eraser. It is, of course, typical Yorke - see his "Bedtime Stories."

I wasn't sure what the legislative citation was in reference to, but since I was momentarily amused at the idea that maybe rock legends consult LexisNexis as well, I was curious...

...then I read a Radiohead message board, and suddenly became worried that these rabid fans, in efforts to satisfy their own curiousity, had done way more legal research than I had in preparation for my appeal.

So back to work.


ange said...

wow, so you're not the nerdiest person in the world!!!! Who'd have known?

Lawyerlike said...

For you ange I'll find a way to reclaim that post.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE knows that Ryan is King of the Nerds. Everyday he does something that puts all other nerds to shame, and makes them unworthy of having the title of "nerd"

- Cathy