Sunday, November 26, 2006

Consider this my "Blog House"

Two years ago this weekend I began this blog. In the intervening time, I've written over 250 posts, and at an average of 250 words per, that's over 62,500 words. (Still 300,000 words short of the lawyer-themed and longest Charles Dickens novel, Bleak House.)

But like the unfortunate victims of the depressingly high infant mortality rates that characterized Dickens' London, this blog will not live to see the age of 3: I've made the decision to wrap up this site in April, after my third year of law.

Looking around at the current selection of Canadian lawblogs is rather bleak itself: what once was a verdant field of bright-eyed opinion has now become a wasteland of lazy dereliction. Check out the index of Canadian sites on the Queen's Law blog (one of the best still around) and you'll find that many of these sites are either dead or dying.

We law students recognize that we occupy a niche of society that many people never see: lawyers before they become lawyers. I think blogging about it is actually sort of a privilege. It's sort of like the time during the massive delay in the Star Wars prequels, where you witness Anakin Skywalker's (viz. undergrad's) transformation to Darth Vader (viz. defence lawyer.) Also: kiss these nerdy metaphors goodbye.

Unfortunately, many of these law bloggers gave up midway through, or this new medium lost a bit of its lustre. I'm proud that this thing has lasted as long as it has. But I like this blog too much to have it wither and die. So instead, I'm setting it an execution date.

If I do any future writing, it'll be elsewhere, maybe not even on the internet, and hopefully I'll get paid for it. I also won't delete this site, but leave it for future generations to wonder how I found the time to do any law school work at all.

What does this mean in the meantime? Not much. In the coming months you'll get my final installment of my favourite annual idiosyncrasies, the conclusion to my Constitutional Poetry trilogy, and - thank God - the last of my pronouncements that I look like Michael Stipe. There's also a good chance I'll forget about everything I've just typed and keep blogging into perpetuity.

But hopefully not, and hopefully this blog will have served its main function: to chronicle my three years at law school so that my future self can look back on it. In fact, if you're not Future Ryan, you shouldn't even be here.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you won't forget to fade out slowly from the Lawyerlike concert by playing a blencore for your fans. Do this shortly after you have departed the hallways and classrooms of the lawyerlike but before you reach hall-of-famedom. What I mean is, write about your time in between being a lawyer and the time before turning into a lawyer...the year of articling, the year of becoming a Jedi.

Or will you do as you say and start another site called, LawyerAlmost

M :)

Lawyerlike said...

You know, if you're going to write something that nerdy, you might just as well sign it Lawyerlike's brother, because it's pretty obvious otherwise.