Sunday, November 28, 2004

Bloggo uno

Elmore Leonard once said an author should never start a novel with an account of the weather. It's lazy, pointless and overdone. Since I'm not sure what the rule is on beginning a blog, I'll mention that it's rather chilly and overcast. Rain is inevitable.

It's t-minus one week till exams start here at law school, which means I should be doing something more productive. That said, this blogging deal is quite fun, I rather feel like Mr. Burns enjoying this "so-called 'iced cream.'"

That my stress level is not yet at its peak indicates I'm either way behind in my studying or, what I'd rather believe, that everyone is making too big a deal of first year law exams. For starters, they count for nothing, our exams in April being worth 100%. So, in the absolute worst case scenario, it still means nothing. Let's do like David Brent and just "chill out, alright?"

Although I've never been one to go into anything unprepared, and I shan't start now. Arrested Development isn't on tonight, so there'll be a chance to do some work. Much like there was last night, when Real Property reading quickly devolved into reworking my screenplay. (Though I do considering writing a funny scene paramount to understanding equitable mortgages.)

Back to the books...

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Anonymous said...

Although it is refreshing to read your witty thoughts once again, I have a hard time believing that you have resorted to a 'blog', (which sounds like something that should be in a kleenex) but I can respect that it is a form of procrastination. You must be wondering who this anonymous vixen is, posting wildly on your Lawblog, but all I can tell you is that I am an up and coming architect, and when my masterpiece is complete, you will ride the Super Happy Fun Slide with your blonde afro blowing in the gift to you.

See you soon!