Tuesday, October 03, 2006

William Hogarth I am not

I consider it inimitably cool that Beck's new album, The Information, gives fans the opportunity to design the album cover with a set of stickers. By the same token, it's therefore inimitably nerdy that I'd go and invest a storyline into the simple act of putting stickers on a page.

Thus this:

Becomes this:

Plate I: A rainbow monolith appears, disrupting the serene, unicornly planet of, I don't know, let's say Becktopia. A troubling liquid pours forth, bleeding onto...

Plate II: Chaos in the heavens above. Planets melt, mountains reinvent themselves as objets d'arts. It's about here this dystopian conceit of mine begins to fall apart.

Plate III: The manmade structures are not immune. Buildings fall, and the gods above weep, and then there's this crazy bizarro-Beck sticker that I initially didn't want to use, but thought I might as well.

Plate IV: Animals are shadows of their former selves. The planet collapses in on itself. Beck can only look on and weep. It's also really busy on the page because I still had a lot of stickers left.

Plate V: A volcano bursts forth, spewing the tracklist into the heavens, killing birds and falling back down to earth. There's also a barcode. I can't explain the barcode away.

Update: Thanks to Stereogum for the picture love.


Anonymous said...

best post--well, not ever, but so far...


PS. I love how, when posting anonymously here, I have to decode the slanty letters to differentiate myself from a spam generator. It's like I have to enter in the magic word that will hold back the armies of technology. Reassuring that there's still something between us and the machines after all.

That word today is: zdvorqu. Remember it--it's our last best hope.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Beck for such an awesome idea to keep people buying actual cd's.

Throw some wes/eric anderson styled ink labels of each sticker for a 10/10.


Rabbit Girl said...

I say shameless gimmick. Although perhaps only Beck could pull it off...


Essien said...

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