Monday, October 02, 2006

AKA the king of mad-libs

I've just finished reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road, the sixth book of his I've read in the last few months, and one of the things I love about this writer (apart from his amusing contempt for anyone that can't translate Spanish) is his boundless vocabulary. Here are a handful of words I've just discovered since reading him:

New words to me, that is - I'm not discounting the likelihood that these appear in any number of court decisions by judges bent on flummoxing the common people. Pues, unas veces la ley puede ser mucha confundienda.


Anonymous said...

I have three more to chew on...astrolabes, purlieu, and shellalegh. Don't ask me what a shellalegh is, and don't ask, because neither of us know. Ask Cormac. Cormac?


Lawyerlike said...

And don't forget "guarangoddamntee."