Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Triple Nerd Score!

I spent this past weekend back on the ranch in Calgary, bringing with me my favourite Vancouverite to spend time with the family. A few of the highlights:

  • Walking my dog, who is miraculously still ticking/barking after some 14 years.

  • Seeing The Departed, where Matt Damon puts on his best South Boston accent since he appeared as the irate Springsteen fan on SNL.
  • Catching up with friends at an Irish pub - make that a disgustingly smoky Irish pub thanks to Alberta's cancer-like resistance to curative health regulations. (The Albertan government being the lowlight of the trip here.)
  • Catching Chris Martin's appearance on Extras.
  • Buying an Eastern European travel guide, thereby bringing the summer trip one step closer to reality (and lessening the trip budget by 40 dollars.)
  • Dominating the Scrabble board. I'm aware this is hardly a point of celebration.

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Anonymous said...

Ya'll come on back now ya hear...