Thursday, October 12, 2006

Strangely, Sim Court never caught on

This research for my Land Use Planning earthquake paper has done nothing if not create a desire to replay classic computer games of yore. This isn't entirely unrelated to work, however. I'm working on a list. So far:

Lessons Vancouver City Planners could learn from Sim City:

Turn Disasters "Off": It's right up there in the menu bar, the option to completely negate the chance of fires, tornados and, let's face it, the omnipresent fear of earthquakes. There is no evidence that this cheat will have an adverse impact upon the economy - in fact, it eliminates the cost of developing firehalls and their ancillary calendars.

Sim fans post any more below. Earn a citation in my paper!

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hilary said...

-good public transit is key to eliminating traffic, but those under the road subways are super-expensive
-Nuclear power is great, but no one wants to live near a nuclear plant
-People love a good Stadium (I can hear the Sim cheers right now) but don't bother using that great waterfront real estate on it; that's better used for residential or port.
-High density living is great when you have limited land space - but it can lead to traffic and crime.