Sunday, October 15, 2006

Arnold Schwarzeblogger

Ever since I saw this comic on BoingBoing a while back, I think about it when I sit down to write a paper. As you know, it's painfully true:

However, you also know that certain websites become an important tool during research - legal or otherwise, and you have no choice but to log on and do your best to avoid YouTube. I consider government websites part of the "serious internet," and I recently had to consult one for my Land Use paper. I was looking for how California lawmakers have incorporated earthquake damage prevention regulations into their building codes.

Naturally, the California Building Commission's website seemed like a good place to begin this "serious" research. But then I notice this little graphic...

Yup, Governor Schwarzenegger. I know it's not news, but it is a major distraction. How can I possibly take this research seriously now? Before you know it you're reading his blog and then you've fired up YouTube for those hilarious Arnold prank calls.

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Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon. So true!!