Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Moby-Dick summations suffered somewhat

I'm hard at work on the first factum I've written since first year law, those golden days when "Team Awesome" ruled the moot, the "definitive statement of might and fortitude in law school" as I described in it back in February of '05.

A few things have changed. It now appears that the definitive statement of law school might is not courtroom prowess, but a job offer (the thing you see law students clutching so tightly to their chests). I don't really buy that, so I'm trying to make sure this factum guarantees some promise of legalistic longevity.

I've been reading a lot of "how to write the best factum" material, which is sort of the antidote to what I had learned as an English major. Conscission is the new effusion. Judges like things short. And this is what I've decided: ironically, if you think back to your junior high school days, those kids that gave the worst book reports, i.e.

"Treasure Island is a book about an island of treasure"

...they'd probably rock the factum championships.

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