Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CBC'n is believin'

Anecdote of note: while on a factum lunch break today, at a nearby Cafe Crepe, (unofficially a reason why I live in the neighbourhood I do) who should I run into but CBC news anchor extraordinaire Gloria Macarenko.

Both she and Ian "the Man" Hanomansing were mainstays of my work-from-home summer TV viewing schedule, so I find it particularly cool to run into one of them on a break from work. The unfortunate part is that I didn't recognize her until she spoke to me, at which point my to-go order was ready. Thus, my limited contribution to the conversation went something like:

"You. Are from TV. I watch."

In any case, the short conversation I had with her ups the ante on previous run-ins with celebrities, beating:

And, one step closer to erasing the memory of seeing a desperately infirmed Nick Nolte in NYC.

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Essien said...

Hmmm...I'm not a fan of CBC I must admit. Their leftist rant perturbs me. Not sure what I would have said to one of their anchor team. However, in their favour, they do play fantastic baroque music, particularly on Tuesday mornings.