Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'll refrain from excess emoticons

In keeping with the never-asked, reluctant-to-tell policy about job details on this site, I won't mention much about the fruits of this recent articling/interview week save to say that I did, indeed, secure a job. And in case you couldn't tell beneath the excess loquacity of a Victorian-style writing habit, I'm thrilled!

Anyway, on to other matters: while I was downtown I came across a film shoot on the steps of the Vancouver Art Museum - or rather, with American flags displayed everywhere, the steps of some New York Supreme Court building. It wasn't the recent Rachel McAdams shoot that has caused an upswing in public transportation use lately, but rather some new show called Psych. Apparently it's not about what I would have guessed - the exploits of a wisecracking meta-detective who converses with ghosts (such shows being in desperately short supply).

I didn't recognize any of the actors on the shoot except one: Timothy Omundson, who played Brom Garret in my new favorite show, Deadwood. (Well, OK, second favourite show - and fanatics will take note that Omundson actually did appear in an episode of 24 as "suicidal terrorist" - go figure). Anyway, I bring him up because the Brom character was a favourite of mine in Deadwood, portraying a bumbling gold prospector that most closely resembled Niles Crane.

And you can guess how well Niles Crane and the Old West would mix.

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