Monday, February 13, 2006

'Twas internet connectivity that killed the beast

A year ago I compiled a list of sundry items that I wished to do over my reading week. Well, that annual break from law school, which paradoxically, makes you more paranoid about the progress of your studies, is back and I've compiled another of this site's ever so famous lists... (having yet to read comment's to the contrary).

1. Author a DVD. We ran an ad for a DVD during the Law Revue advertising such features as director's commentary, deleted scenes and what have you, and (maybe it was the accompanying whimsical Kanye West tune) but I was amazed at how many people thought it was a joke just like everything else. You make a half-assed Tin Man costume out of random cardboard and torn tin foil and suddenly people think complex DVD production is out of your league. Tsk tsk.

2. Scale the Empire State Building. Kong had it wrong. He could have spared himself the embarrassment of being at the end of the line to buy tickets and forced to climb the exterior if he had just done it online.

3. Stroll through Central Park - or alternatively, if that recent frosty weather continues to the end of the week, have a brisk jog through Central Park. Yes, as you can gather from the last two items, I am off to New York City. It'll be my first trip there, and I'm cutting of the tourist-y visits at these two, because hopefully I'll be back in that city again. It's not like many European places, where you race around to see every last monument you can because you won't ever again have the lackadaisacal college days when you can just go travel. I miss those days.

4. Coming in low on the list is work on essays. I've got three essays to complete before April, one little ditty about the ethical employment of torture in the international community, another on the validity of an objective reasonability test in regards to the Charter's search and seizure clause, and finally something about Federalism. Need help with that one.

Expect photos from NYC soon. Expect more panic about essay writing as well.

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Anonymous said...

well, you are using a mac to make the dvd, which is pretty much the tinfoil equivilant.

I joke I joke!

Have fun in NYC. I'm going there and Montreal in May after school for a couple days.