Friday, February 10, 2006

Not a fun, sexy time

Tonight occurred that wintry event that happens on television once every couple of years... a network unjustifiably cancels another amazing show. Four years ago it was Andy Richter Controls the Universe, a show about a guy who worked writing the manuals for atomic weapons - and now Arrested Development.

After seeing how the series ended tonight, I don't doubt that it will become a cult hit for generations, but it's still utterly puzzling to see how quality writing is so low on a list of television's priorities.

So, a tribute to my favorite AD character, George Michael Bluth:


Anonymous said...

It's actually really great news that they've cancelled AD Ryan. They've been stringing it along jealously for the last little while, and it now means that AD can now pursue negotiations with alternate networks (aka showtime).


Lawyerlike said...

Yeah, but if you saw how the show ended last night, then you have to wonder how the producer's could really go on, or even if they should, considering how it would go down as the best series finale ever.

Kasia said...

How do you post video clips on blogspot? I haven't been able to figure that out.


Lawyerlike said...

If you upload any vid you want to, it provides the code for you to embed it in your post. It's really easy.

Or if you see any video on that site you want to embed, it'll give you the specific code to do it - just cut and paste.