Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Plus Revue Legale

Law Revue had its second and final night last night, and while the crowd took a while longer to win over than the first night, it still ended a success. I'll throw up some pictures here. Later when I'm working on the DVD, I'll post some captures and videos from the actual performance.

The stage and screen where we projected our slideshows and short videos. Those corn stalks were left over from some show in November, (what, I do not know) but they proved useful for our Wizard of Oz sketch with Scarecrow, artfully played by Thom.

Backstage. Where are props were stored, actors hastily learned their lines, and where I had to constantly tell my actors to be quiet during the show...

... to wit. We actually ran an ad for the DVD during the show which proved to be almost too funny, as some audience members were later surprised to learn that the product did, in fact, exist.

The props table. Look closely and you can see parts of Tin Man, a devil costume, Dracula's cape, and a polish sausage. I'd rather not describe how the latter prop was employed.

I tried to document all parts of the process. Here's our sound setup, which our technician described as using up all available cables in the building. How's that for low-budget theatre!

Downtime before the show.

The theatre. Ironically, you have to speak extra loud to properly project your voice, but when a joke falls flat, you can hear crickets dropping pins.

The set list. I don't know how many times this changed around before the actual show. As directors, you have to try to figure out which sketches are the weakest and allocate them appropriately. You can't just do like SNL and throw all the bad stuff near the end, because our audience doesn't have the luxury of being able to turn off a TV and go to sleep.

Our amazing cast. Includes all three years of law students, including some that had factums due the next day. That's dedication.

The after party. That beer on the right actually turned out to be the worst tasting stuff I've ever had. And I lived in England.


Anonymous said...

Grats bro, job well done it appears... now get back to the books. :-) p.s. Boston Legal... hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how many of your crew (male and female) took a penchant to wearing highly coloured scarves whilst preparing for the revue. It has been my observation that this said ratio of scarves jumps by several orders of magnitude when people become involved with the 'theatre'. Do I need to buy you one for next year?