Sunday, February 13, 2005

Funny story, it was my G-string

Ah, reading week. How crushingly apt that title is. Day 2 of the "break" from law school and I find myself buried in the readings I've put off for weeks. Incidentally, I read a sleepwalking-murder case for Criminal Law where the dude got off scott-free after killing his parents. Apparently, if an accused recounts a "whoosh" feeling in his testimony of the facts, he gets his walking papers. Ah, the justice system, entirely infallible.

Next, I've got a self-imposed and self-deluded deadline of Wednesday to finish my half of the factum. My partner gets to argue that what the judge decided at trial is correct, while I get to argue that what the judge decided on another point is dead wrong. Surely, I won't be the favorite.

Supposing I can get all that done, there are a few other things that I'd like to do over the next week:

1. Visit Stanley Park. I don't precisely know what I'll do there, maybe fly a kite or play hopscotch or something. People still do that right? No? Never you say...

2. I just broke a string on my guitar today, and I need a guitar strap, so I should do some shopping for that. Stupid Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, if you didn't write all your songs in Drop D tuning this never would have happened!

3. Finish my Johnathan Strange book. Ha, joke's on you school! You didn't say what kind of reading! Actually, that's no joke at all. Or maybe it's on me. Plus, I have, like, 500 pages left to read. Ah crap.

4. Paint my room. I tire of this yellow walls shtick. Yet, looking through a catalogue of paint colours is not exactly helpful, what with the variety of names. It reminds me of how a friend who worked in the paint department of Home Depot once told me, black isn't called black, it's "Dark Secret."

5. Hit up another all-you-can-eat sushi. That's just good advice anytime.

6. Get back to work on this damn screenplay. It's a tad disheartening how so much law reading can sap your strentgh for making fun of the law in screenplay form. Frankly, it makes me angry. So angry I could murder someone...



Anonymous said...

Still can't believe I dropped the ball on my Van vist - sorry about that, I'm usually so on top of things like this. Definitely a beer owed there.

Click on inspiration interior colors - pretty useful - good luck with the painting.


Anonymous said...

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