Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hot and fresh out tha kitchen

At the risk of revealing how I'm blogging late on a Saturday night, and thus not - as law students are wont to do - partying till the sun comes up, I had to share mention of a great musical find. One of my favorite artists, and quite honestly Canada's best - the Joel Plaskett Emergency, is finally releasing their DVD, Make a Little Noise mid-March.

For those who don't know Joel, this here site has some mp3s where you can learn fast.

Judging by the tracklist, Joel has made at least one oversight in the otherwise comprehensive disc: it's missing his concerts' magnus opus, the 10-minute honky-tonk medley where he incorporates the Stones, Led Zeppelin and, naturally, the remix of R. Kelly's "Ignition."

Anyway, for superfans, you'll appreciate this news. If you're not a fan, please leave the premises of this blog immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Not really on topic, but on the off-chance that you hadn't already heard, Arrested Development may yet rise from the dead thanks to the benevolent plutocrats at Showtime...

-- H