Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For sooth, what hath more levity?

Nothing like a good procrastination post.

The Amazing Race is back on, and with my participation in a pool, I'm now financially invested in the show as well. It's some sort of irony that I was randomly dealt the lawyer of the contestants, Ray, or as he says, "like the sun." (Not to be confused with Lake, or as he says - I kid you not - "like the ocean.") Ray went to law school to turn upside down stereotypes of "the hood." As an Albertan, oh how I relate.

I'm also glad Count Trumpula was back on the airwaves, if only that I now have a bit more perspective on the city. He makes it seem as if the traffic parts wherever he walks, when in reality, even his hair doesn't. I was actually a tad ashamed in New York atop the Empire State Building in that the Trump Tower was the first building I recognized. It was taller than I expected, looming there like some obsidian beacon of evil.

I also recently began reading The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, a book that only a few pages in is surely in contention for being the funniest book I have read, up there with Catch-22. (Longtime devotees of this site - ye brave few - will remember that is a book I have never finished, but it is indeed the funniest.) Anyway, read the first couple pages of Tristram for yourself. It is also handy if you find 18th century wit amongst the heights of comedy.

Finally, for those people who have not yet discovered Ricky Gervais' whipping boy, Karl Pilkington (no doubt soon to be simply K.Pilk) watch thusly.


Jodie said...

Go Team Hippy! I also like Team Einstein....

Marie said...

Tristram Shandy is truly a book of great entertainment value. However, I was shocked, shocked! to discover you've not finished Catch-22. Here's my helpful hint for making it through: create a dramatis personae as a quick reference. Once you've got your cheat-sheet in hand, the reading of the book is a breeze.

Oh, and Ray is so going down. Like the sun.