Thursday, February 23, 2006

Avoid all of April

If I hadn't read Shakespeare and someone told me to "beware the Ides of March," I would assume they were referring to that period during law school about a month before exams where you know you have to start studying because, if you keep putting it off, you know that doomsayer has an even worse catchphrase for April.

Being this the end of February, I'm trying to get a headstart on all this madness, but still leave room for the odd diversion. Here are some things I have to look forward to in the next week:

Two essay outlines: for an international law ethics class, I'm doing a sort of "would you rather?" approach to torture, whereby I compare two sides of a moral dilemma to argue which is the lesser of two evils. Then for Charter I'm preparing a think-piece, if you will, on Canadian search and seizure laws. Yup, torture and illegal search and seizure - I sure know how to pick the fun ones.

For a refresher on international ethics, I'll be tuning into next week's episode of the White House's favourite show, 24. This new President Logan is, if possible, even more fun than Jack "Dammit" Bauer. This guy couldn't sound more unsure of himself if he tried. When the terrorists called him directly in last week's episode, he acted like a little girl at a slumber party who didn't want to talk to a cute guy calling: "No, YOU talk to him!"

Then, there's more reading to do. I try and stay on top of the readings for each class, but for Evidence, this basically includes reading every case since... I don't know... the dawn of time. I suppose it's worth it when you read a case like Rothman v. R., where, in order to elicit a confession on drug charges, the cops send in an undercover agent to share a jail cell with the accused. The accused's first words? "You look like a narc."

I also figure I haven't seen a movie in theatres in a while. When I came across the trailer for Tristram Shandry, a period-piece Adaptation, I knew I wanted to see it. Plus, it has Steve Coogan who you know (or should know) as Alan Partridge.


Anonymous said...

I saw The Matador last week, and it was worth the price of admission just to see a grotesque pierce brosnan strut across a busy hotel lobby in a speedo, snakeskin boots, gold chain, and, while he was smoking and drinking a beer, plunge directly into the pool.


Anonymous said...

Logan is spineless.
Zubarov, you go girl.


Anonymous said...

Sorry 2 bother you tonight from Canada. I keep getting splashes of character same name as son? I am Father of son in Toronto. I am watching beeb Worldwide as you might say.