Sunday, November 13, 2005

A genuinely long blog post

I'm doing my Evidence reading in front of the TV (portentous omen #1), watching a CFL game (portentous omen #2) between Calgary and Edmonton, where the former has a substantial lead. And then I fall asleep. Thereafter, a number of unsettling items developed, and when I woke up:

1. The Stamps had managed to blow their lead

2. Our government has been marked for overthrowing

3. Fox had failed to correct their egregious mistake

4. My reading was still unread.

I guess when you think about it, those items are each equally unsurprising. I suppose my being tired is owed in large part to the endless marathon of work I've put into this International Law paper. The assignment was 23 pages, and I was certain I had written economics papers that long before in my undergrad.

Turns out my longest previous essay was 18 pages, and even then it was padded by a number of oversized graphs and charts. So naturally, I wrote my International paper on the subject of economics, and supported a lot of my theoretical legal arguments with a number of oversized graphs and charts.

Still, it's one more assignment down this term. And it's less than a month until I'm done. On that note, I was at the grocery store today and saw some egg nog, which usually is a signal I've arrived the term is over and I'm done all my exams. I considered buying it, but it felt like cheating. Somehow I can't justify enjoying the yuletide drink unless it washes the foul aftertaste of final exams from my mouth.

There is sits, taunting me. (This reminds me of another purchasing story which I'm sure W___ will be happy to relate in the continuing series of my ignoble history. W____, skittles?)

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Anonymous said...

graphs? really?

- Cathy