Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bauer battles Bice, burns

Hmm, slow news week. A phrase synonymous with busy law term. But it's not all bad news.

I applied for a law job. (No, not this one.)

In exactly one month I'll be done exams and breaking out the 'nog. That's the yuletide drink, and not my debut rap act that I'm sure W___ will explain with verve with in the comments section when he gets around to reading this post.

And finally, new daylight savings rules have allowed for one more Jack Bauer Power Hour! First impressions suggest that a retrofied Jack fights an evil Bo Bice and become impervious to flames. How's that for a slow news week headline?


Anonymous said...

For a second I thought that picture was of you.

ps. fixing background image right now as it f'd up.

Anonymous said...

hey W - Ryan was quick to point out that your comment about the heroin costume was a dig at me. I think someone needs some more wine, as he is far too judgemental


Anonymous said...

Arrested Development Shelved for Sweeps. WTF...




Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought that was an awesome costume idea! He's just trying to turn you against me. Don't listen. Don't!

All others-
The alternate persona (or perhaps the real one?) Ryan refers to is a man I like to call the lyrical miracle, Egg Nawg (or simply 'Nawg' for short). Rest assured his talent is as prodigious as the name.
Word up, Nawg! The verve is served.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

I feel your pain about Arrested. Now what are we going to talk about when you come home for the holidays?

ps. Fox sucks